Welcome to SubCentral, our dream-come-true home theater. Planned and built according to Lucasfilm’s THX specifications, this home theater not only meets but exceeds the quality of every public theater we know of. Some of the world’s finest audio and video gear take you one step beyond everything you have ever seen and heard before.

SubCentral features comfortable club seating for up to 17 people, providing a „best seat in the house“ for each one of them. For the ultimate in picture quality, the homecinema GmbH setup and ISF color calibrated fixed pixel projector offering one of the highest contrast ratios available is capable of Full HD resolution playback for greatly improved detail reproduction from edge to edge with natural, vivid and lifelike colors. Highly sophisticated acoustical treatment guarantees superb playback of any analog or digital movie soundtrack. A sound experience as it was meant to be: crisp and clear dialog, exceptional dynamics and unmatched sonic purity. Two 18″ subwoofers (each of which handles 900 Watts) make sure that you can not only hear but also feel the action!

We kindly invite you to surf our website! Take a look at the „Making Of“ SubCentral in the history and learn more about our goal to achieve the utmost in home theater performance, enjoy the technical specifications of the meticulously engineered state-of-the-art equipment.